Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2018 Calendar

Calendar dates 2018
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BrizCATs 2018 Calendar of Events

Date/ TimeVenueTopic  and FacilitatorBYO and Resources
3 March
9.30am -12.30
IKON Institute
16 Brookes Street
Bowen Hills
CATs in Conversation
Grounding into 2018
A creative inquiry: More info soon.
  • Snack to share

10 June
IKON Institute
16 Brookes Street
Bowen Hills
CATs in Conversation
CAT’s Swap Shop
This is one of our most favourite activities. It’s a bit like speed dating where we get to share briefly (depending on numbers about 5-10 minutes each) a favourite activity, book, link, resource. 
  • BYO a book
  • Resource
  • Link
  • Activity
  • Project
  • Idea
26 August
9.30am -12.30
IKON Institute
16 Brookes Street
Bowen Hills
CATs in Conversation
Peer Supervision
We are going to try something new in this gathering by taking some time to practice peer supervision. A brief into to some guidelines and then we can break out into groups and do some peer supervising. Then come together at the end for a brief reflecting on peer supervision practice
  • Curiousity, compassiona and a willingness to  companion others as they explore their work.
25 November
IKON Institute
16 Brookes Street
Bowen Hills
CATs in Conversation
Celebrating stepping Stones
A creative reflection and celebration on the year
  •  Objects or images that reflect key moment of your journey this year.

A note from Gayle: Hello everyone and welcome to BrizCATs for 2018. I look forward to seeing you at events and supporting our BrizCATs network.  Its going to be a busy year for me so I am wanting to get things happening more on the BrizCATs facebook page and driven by our members conversations there rather than via me personally as the coordinator. Please bare with me as I navigate this change. I can still be contacted by email at brizcats@bigpond.com  and will get to you as soon as my other commitments allow.

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Hopefully see you soon

Sunday, January 28, 2018

2018 Calendar Coming Soon

hi everyone, I know it's almost February and still no Calendar for BrizCATs for 2018. I am working on it..just looking at possible venues and times. watch this space over the next week or so.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

BrizCATs 2017

2017 Calendar Date claimers: BrizCATs in Conversation
BrizCATs in Conversation Venues to be confirmed closer to the date. If you wish to keep up to date with our events please go to our BrizCATs facebook page and sign up for our enews.

February Sunday 26th 9.30am - 12
May Sunday 28th
9.30am - 12
July Sunday 23rd 2.30am - 4.30
October Sunday 29th 2.30am - 4.30

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BrizCATs 2016 date Claimers

BrizCATs 2016 Calendar
Date claimers

Saturday 30 July  (NB change of date) 9.30-12. BrizCATs in Conversation; 
IKON 16 Brookes St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006  Topic: Embodiment

Saturday October 29 9.30-12 BrizCATs in Conversation 
IKON 16 Brookes St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006
Topic: Story

About CATs in conversation: Creative Arts Therapists are invited to gather at  venues through out Brisbane and the surrounding areas to catch up, share experiences have discussions, support, mentor and engage in creative inquiry.

 Start your own CATs in Conversation in your local area. I invite you to initiate your own CATs in Conversation: let me know and I will promote it out through the network.

 All are welcome: practicing therapists, new graduates, students. CATs in Conversation events are held over Australia and are supported by ACATA (Australian Creative Arts Therapy Association)

BrizCATs News

Do you have something you wish to share with other BrizCATs: invite them to an event, support a creative cause, share some great new resources, celebrate your new webpage, some other  exciting news? Then let me know by emailing me at brizcats@bigpond.com by the end of the calendar month.

Other CAT Happenings and Events

Our members are a creative band innovative bunch who are always implementing exciting events and happenings around the place. These events happen for a variety of reasons: learning and PD, advocacy, fund raising, exhibitions, workshops and events.  At BrizCATs we try to support each other help connect people to the right service that suits their needs. You might find something in here that is of interest to you, to a colleague, or a client. Feel free to share and raise the cat profile in South East Queensland..

Arts Therapy in Schools Practice Group
Organised by Kristy Thorburn and funded by ANZATA
this group  of art therapists is for professionals working in schools to meet and explore their work.
12 June  Time:
IKON 16 Brookes St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

BrizCATs 2016

 BrizCATs in 2016

Happy New Year. Are you ready for a year of creativity and vitality?
BrizCATs is entering into the year with a whole lot of curiousity about what BrizCATs can do to support you in your work as a Creative Arts: to continue to learn and grow, to advocate and promote our profession, to foster practices of wellbeing and sustainability. 
What can BrizCATs help you with in your work ? Do you need to network, or need a mentor or fellow companion, do you need a play mate, do you need to reflect with someone who understands your work and your values? Or something else????

BrizCATs offers spaces for collaborative professional reflection and support through open dialogue and sharing. This voluntary network allows us to share ideas and resources, to make connections, and have lively multimodal dialogues that assist us to spread our creative and healing wings amongst our Brisbane and wider communities.

What's on:

We are in the process of finalising dates for Cats in Conversation and will send out soon. Meanwhile there are a couple of upcoming activities run by our members that may be of interest.
Current Member activities:

      Jennifer Chester is holding a Drumming circle is starting up tonight Tuesday February 2nd at Ikon 6pm until 7.30 or 8. It may not always be a Tuesday because of class commitments but at least we'll get started. The frequency depends on enthusiasm. Contact Jennifer 0408 870 990

      Wholebody Creative Change
      To find out what Lynette is offering at ‘Wholebody Creative Change” clickhere. Wholebody Creative Change provides experiential training in embodiment and wholeness…via music- and movement-based participatory events and training in Wholebody Focusing.

      Art Therapy in School Practices Group with Kristy Thorburn will be back at it again this year. Working within the school environment provides unique opportunities and challenges for Art Therapists. This interest group is intended to provide a safe space for Art Therapists who are currently working in schools to explore ideas, to discuss practice issues, and to share resources.” Contact Kristy Please contact Kristy at to register your interest in attending. k.g.thorburn@gmail.com

      If you would like to share your events with other members please send an email to brizcats@bigpond.com Please include a brief description, links, contacts and a nice pic if you have one.

       Look forward to catching up with you this year.

      Thursday, February 5, 2015

      Calendar for 2015

      Updated BrizCATs events in 2015
      You will notice that there are a variety of events set for this year.  Mark them in your calendar and confirm your intention to attend by the RSVP date.  (Further reminders will be sent as we get closer tot he dates)

      CAT Clowders: Reflective Practice Swap: for sharing ideas about how we reflect on professional practice.

      CATs in Conversation: Note new dates have been added
      BrizCATs event : Day Out  now at RPAC

      Learning Circles: get together and share a video or reading and then reflect mulitmodally and share our understandings

      You can create an Event! Do you want to make another event happen: if so let me know and I can share on the network

      For Example:
      How to Create your own CAT’s in Conversation.  If you are wanting to get together with people in your area...its easy as
      1. Pick a date, time and venue (coffee shop, pub, your place)that suits you
      2. Invite: Tell people about it (including me so I can let the network know including ACATA) ..Don’t forget to get people to RSVP
      3. Confirm: numbers with the venue and send a text or email to confirm /remind participants
      4. Turn up and chat.  It is always good to have a sign so people who don’t know you can find you. (eg we have a red cat)

      ACATA proudly supports our CAT’s in Conversations and other events and we can ask them to be put on their website. (thanks ACATA for keeping our networking alive)

      BrizCATs 2015 Calendar of Events

      Saturday 25th July
      11 am followed by lunch

      BrizCAT’s event:
      Silence has a voice Exhibition
       Artist Talk CAT in Conversation at RPAC
      YOu are also invited to opening night on the 17th July

      RPAC Cleveland
      Lunch available for purchase. RPAC

      15 August


      CATs In Conversation D'Bar Café Coolangatta
      Topic 1. Coffee art and beauty

      275 Boundary St, ...
      QLD 4225.


      Lunch and Drinks available for purchase
      10am Saturday August 22nd 2015

      CTs in Conversation: A practice group for Art Therapists currently practicing within schools
      Practice Group for
      School Based Art Therapists

      Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Café

      Lunch and Drinks available for purchase

      Saturday 28th November

      RSVP 21st  November

      CATs in Conversation
      1. Sharing New Knowings  (bring a n inspiring article, piece of research, link, book or your own research) to share with others: allow 10 minutes for your sharing. (may be more depending on numbers)
      2. Making connections

      ACATA supported events: please bring log book for recording PD.

      Story Bridge Hotel
      Kangaroo Point
      Contact point : Gayle 0448877856

      Lunch and Drinks available for purchase

      Monday 9 – 11.30


      Learning Circles
      The group chooses to watch a video, or read an article on a topic (eg: trauma, working with children,) and then reflect creatively

      ACATA supported event: please bring log book for recording PD.

      But probably at
      Alexandra Hills


      $5 contribution to BrizCATs
      Bring a plate of nibbles to share.
      Tea and Coffee Provided.
      Art Materials: paper, pastels, pencils, collage provided.  If other materials needed please BYO